Lindsay O

Friday night was the opening of fellow grad student Lindsay O's Mfa graduate show. Lindsay has studied and learned well the process of reduction cooling a wood fired kiln. Reduction cooling being the firing of the kiln in reduction as it drops in temperature by adding small amounts of wood to the firebox and stoking ports till the temperature is around 1400F. Check out the variation of colour and surface on her unglazed ware. I thought the square platters were the strongest pieces in the show.
The wall of small triangular plates was an effective way of presenting small items as a large piece. My buddy Trevor maintains that if you put one baseball on the wall people will say what the hell is that all about but if you put 100 baseballs on the wall it is a piece of art. I didn't see it as one piece but a wall of small individual gems. I do like the idea of groupings of pots. The grouping of the 9 plates in particular let you see the variation in surface achieved thru the reduction cooling process.
All in all it was a fine grouping of vessels and one would have to have blinkers on not to find something in the show to fall in love with. Congrats to Lindsay as she moves on to be Artist in Residence at Arrowmount in Tennessee.


Anonymous said…
Hey Tony-- I reduction cool also. Why 1400F. I go down to 1600F. How hot and how long were they fired? What sort of wood? Oxidation or reduction on the way up? Are they all the same clay body?
Thanks for posting such a nice blog.
Togeika said…
Cool work Tony! I have been doing cone 1 terra sig. Electric with shell first. Cone 1 soda next. After cone 1, cone 6 soda to approach Bizen ware. The kiln I am firing in Stillwater only got to cone 8 for Maren k, so first firing to cone 6 should be safe. after that, then cone 10. I think the blowers on the kiln are too big (they are from large gas kilns at the UofMN. Bought 12 12X24 kiln shelves from her, only used a couple times.

There are similarities between the terra sig soda work and woodfire. I was inspired to try after reading that working in earthernware was a goal Hamada wanted to achieve but did not live long enough to do.

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