Strong coffee, roll yer owns and Tom Waits

I thought I'd show you a few pics of Joel the undergrad making some nudes. Last year when I was at school Joel was making staked, cut, ripped and torn sculptures ala Pete Voulkos. I heard via the grapevine that Young Danny Crump challenged Joe on continually making these vessels and the crit worked. Joel has been there early making some very interesting female nude sculptures. After making about a dozen a foot or so high he has decided to go big or go home. When I walked in this morning he had the strong coffee brewing, had his roll yer own Drum tobacco ciggie finished and was grooving to some Tom Waits.
Joel is no one trick pony. He is a talented guy and hopefully when he finishes his Bfa here at USU he is off to Europe to study further.
Although I'm not a smoker I do luv to sit down wind of Drum tobacco.


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