Wood I?

What would a school with a strong tradition in wood firing be without a dump truck, a couple of big wood splitters and a student slum of a wood yard. At USU you can fire any number of gas kilns, salt, soda, reduction, oxidation, reduction cool experimental firings as often as you want and you can set almost any schedule you want. But if you decide to be a wood fire potter then you're either going to have to anty up $$$ for wood at Stevenson's wood yard, scrounge fallen trees or go to the dump for free wood.
The Art Dept has a wood yard miles away from campus where students keep their wood supply. I have traded labour for wood with many of the grad students since I'm not around all year to watch for fallen trees. The beauty of train kilns is that they will devour any kind of wood on the planet.
Today is Sunday and I thought I'd have a day of rest but went to get a bisque started and thought oh why not make one vase. Well, it turned out to be 10 vases. Well, it is one vase with 8 inlaid vases and a vase cut in half to make the handles. It took me about 6 hours steady work to complete it. Man, I hope that double wide is kind to me when we fire it in July. So far the ruff clay is making it thru the bisque OK. That's a good sign. It's been a long time since I have had the luxury of a electric kiln that I can program a slow bisque-nice!


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