Making an Omelette

They say you have to break an egg to make an omelet. Some break a lot of eggs and leave a big mess. Here is a look at the Jake the undergrads work space. He listens to head banger music and makes some pretty nasty work. Nasty being a compliment. I like what has been developing with his work in the past year. Maybe his musical tastes will change with age.
Here is the part of the art dept. that makes administrators cringe- the bricks, the kilns and the stuff we need to make art happen. Here is a picture of what is referred to as the Double wide train kiln or otherwise known as Murphy's Foley. Dan Murphy built the kiln and is the main man for knowledge on firing this beast. This is a brute of a kiln to fire and I swore I never would again. I've mended!!!
Here is Denny in the sculpture dept with an interesting 9/11 kinda piece with toppling buildings and broken subway cars. Denny's work takes 4 men and a horse to lift and really the double wide is the only kiln capable of handling the scale of his work. Here is a picture of a guy named Marley that signed up for my night school class to make clay didgeridoos. He played me into my first class- it was eerry and awesome. It is wonderful to be surrounded by creativity and creative people.


thats a sweet pile of bricks.

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