USU Travelling Fire Brigade

Heidi and CJ went down to Las Vegas to help Amy Kline fire her new 100 cubic foot train kiln. The ladies had a kick ass firing and Heidi brought back 3 of her paint cans with killer surfaces from up front near the throat arch. Heidi makes a hellava a bag wall with her pots and likes them up front to take a punishing. We sometimes don't see Heidi in the studio for days and maybe even a week then she comes in makes a 1000 pounds of clay and throws it all in 2 days. She is a mini bulldozer with clay that got her experience working and firing with Don Reitz in Arizona.
Living just a stones throw from the Temple Heidi has decided to tie the knot, settle down and have a large family. Her brides maids CJ and Amy with a dye job are along with her. The guy with the sideburns in the mirror is Buck the lucky groom. Doesn't Heidi clean up nice?


Anonymous said…
I think the "guy" in the mirror is the really the reflection of her bridesmaid
Anonymous said…
buck is my true love! buck is no woman, he is a real man! i lovvvveee my buck-a-roo!!!!

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