B Free Sr.

B free Senior: Since ya didn't leave me your email I only hope you'll revisit this blog. You have a lot to be proud of with Be Free, Jr. Bobby has made us all aware of Emily Free Wilson's work at the Bray. He is very proud of her. Looks to me like ya got yourself a couple of talented ceramic artists. I've been around enuff of them to know who is fluff and who is straight goods and no con. Bobby said the other day " I have lots of other interests but I like making pots more than anything else!" It is why he is in the studio while others are out mountain biking,hiking, golfing, fishing or skiing. I call it "focus".
This is a hard profession to cut it in and I think focus and self discipline are two of the most important qualities. There is a long list of qualities needed but focus and self discipline is a hellava good start.
The students wished me Happy Father's Day today. What a collection of the earth's odd balls to call your family, but I love them all! So from one Dad to another- Happy Father's Day B Free, Sr!
Here is a pic of Be Free, Jr staring into a large planter in China. I think he's thinking I luv this pot more than sex! You better have a word with that boy!


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