Freedom fighter

My buddy undergraduate Bobby Free aka Freedom Fighter or Be Free is a hard working, hard living all round good guy. Bobby works at Chili's Restaurant to keep a roof over his head , parties with the best of them and is still the second guy in the studio in the morning. I'm the first and that's cause I didn't work at Chili's or go to the party. Bobby got a scholarship this summer to work on Cone 6 soda and he is doing some interesting experiments and definitely earns his keep around the studio. My hope is that Bobby is in this game for the long run. He has the qualities that are required for self employment as a potter and the first quality being self discipline. Here are some pics of Bobby's work. Two of the pots are wood fired and the bottle is Cone 6 soda. The large vases are for the anagama firing. He is traveling to New Mexico this week to participate in an anagama firing at Trevor's place and give his first slide lecture and workshop on Cone 6 soda. Fight, big fighter fight, fight for Freedom!


Dad said…
Thanks for showing some of, freedom fighter's beautiful work. He makes me very proud. the older timer, (Dad).

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