Man Camp

Today we turned a few boys into men- macho he men. Peter has never fired a wood kiln or worked a wood splitter. We went out to the wood yard to split up some good ole cottonwood. We save all the bark to put thru the kiln for some great colour especially during the reduction cooling of the kiln. In general we try to get as much bark into the kiln as possible. Cottonwood bark is thick enough to be considered a log anyway.
Joe has really been cracking the whip with his Introductory class. Rich one of his students stayed up all night to finish this hand built teapot. This was his first day doing hard slab pots, his first 4 weeks of a ceramics course and he is doing some amazing work. He usually starts class at 4am. For this project he didn't go home to bed and consequently fell asleep with his head on the glaze table during Joe's lecture/demo on glazing. He is forgiven for the quality work he is producing.


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