Expanison of the railroad

Got some pics today from Ben Krupka of the new train built at Simon's Rock U where he teaches. He had Ted Neal(prof at Ball State) who was the former Joe Davis of USU along to keep him straight and true. As I traveled across America to get to USU I kept thinking that rail is a very sensible mode of transportation. That of course is true with kilns. I like trains!!! John Neely has had his impact on these two guys- trains and Macs. It is a sweet looking train.
I had my lemon project with my 4 intermediate students. Turn a lemon into a cup. Stu couldn't get creative enuff to take part. Snooze ya loose. A very contemporary cup by Peter, some peanut butter gnar, gnar by Alix and a cocktail umbrella by Joni. Peter and Alix are both products of Ben Krupka.
Joe has an intro ceramics program going and the poor devils have an accelerated program that would keep most of us sleepless. They had one day to do a hard slab project. These two ladies (Jen and Meg) had my work pegged pretty well in one day. I guess I ain't too dang hard to figure out.


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