Pay back time

This is the real Heidi working the wood splitter on a big ole cottonwood log. Heidi and CJ did a pay back on me for posting the Las Vegas wedding that Heidi never had. She is accepting congratulations and gifts though. Please give generously to a starving student. I found these clang, clang, clang wedding tin cans tied to my bumper. Good thing I had my trusty Buck man knife purchased from my favourite man store Smithfield Implements.
When you're an eligible bachelor like Joe living in Logan there is nothing better than phone sex at Aggie's Ice Cream on a Saturday night. Actually I went with Joe and his class for a cone during a sweltering hot afternoon class.
Dinner for me at least 4 times a week is at my favourite Mexican restaurant La Tormenta. For $5.99 I had the steak, avocado salad, re fried beans, rice, 5 tacos, fresh jalapenos, radishes and onions along with a ice water with freshly squeezed lime. How can I eat that well for $5.99 and would I?


Anonymous said…
Ah yes, La Tormenta. Diamond in the rough of Logan.
Anonymous said…
heidi kreitchet
463 north 600 east
logan, ut 84321

buck and i are registered @
good ol' walmart.

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