Battle of the Bulge

The one challenge of making concave vessels is putting the handle on. I don’t like handles that stick way out from the pot. The other issue is uneven heating in the winter. If I place the handle on the rim as is my signature I often get cracking  because the rim is drier than the rest of the pot. So I thought I’d place this little cap on the cup and the teapot as a place to spring the handle from. I’ve done it before( last winter) and it is yet another step in the process.  I often see people that want a good “D” shape in their handle place them upside down on the edge of a table. I take a piece of newspaper and wet the one end. I place the dry end on the sticky handle pull it up to the “D” shape and attach the wet portion of the newsprint on the other side.  Hey, I wonder if CM will give me $10 bucks for that trick?  Winter is coming and I need the money.
Decorated with paper resist my red/blue slip and some local red clay(Queenston shale)

Speaking of battling the bulge I have been walking 5km on the Bruce Trail each day. Gotta lower my BMI. It’s a nice walk and I feel more energized.


DropStitchChris said…
Priddy sure I've never been on the Bruce Trail without a doobie and my wineskin….wow…it's been years LOL…walking it for the sheer health and beauty of nature sounds fun too!!!

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