The Biggest Honesty Check of All

I must say the opportunity to teach in Canada's best ceramics programme at Sheridan College School of Craft and Design has been a major factor in the development of my work. As my buddy Harlan House has been known to say "You can shit the fans but not the players!" I am surrounded by talented faculty and students that have gone on to set up studios and earn MFA's. Some are teaching in some good schools and some are successful studio artists. I used to think I had to look over my shoulder as the little beggars were closing in on me. Now, they are my peers and more than anything are there to help me. I have answers and they have strong backs. Sometimes I have to show them though that the old boy is still a force. This may be the time for me to tell the story of the Old Bull and the Young Bull. If you are wondering I'm the Old Bull
There was an old bull and a young bull standing on a hill overlooking a pasture of lovely young heifers.
The young bull said to the old bull "Let's run down and make it with one of those lovely young heifers!"
The old bull
wisely replied " Let's walk down, drink a cool drink of water and make it with them all!.
See the wisdom you get with age.


Dennis Allen said…
Every time the young bucks want to prove they are tougher than me, I let them. At our age it's good to do things slow, steady, and right the first time.

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