Memory Lane

I was surfing thru some photos and I came across this pic of me and a hot babe. For those of you that don't know this in a former life I did a stint as a high school teacher. Here is one of my students that is now all grow up and drop dead gorgeous. Heidi Zach searched me out hundreds of miles away to commission me to make her a dinner ware set. No rules, do what ya want! It is probably the best dinnerware set I have ever made. Heidi's grand father was an amazing wood carver and I would take my class out to visit his castle on the shores of Colpoy's Bay. Almost every square inch of wood was carved. He would put a roast of meat on the table(no plate) with a big knife and some wine and we would talk about art.  He was the kind of character I hope to grow old to be. Heidi couldn't help but to grow up to have great taste in art and oh yeah men!


Dennis Allen said…
A job with fringe benefits. Nice.

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