I've told ya Bruce Dehnert is in
a class of his own. Today I received a hand written post card from Bruce thanking me for having him do a workshop here at Pinecroft. It is nice to receive an email but a hand written note is so much more personal and classy. Bruce also wrote to Herm, Brenda and Chad  to thank them for their hospitality and a host of other things that they did. This is what I call follow up Marketing and it is so important. People do hand stands to sell you their product or service but few thank you properly afterwards. Bruce Dehnert is class personified. Bruce was not a taker but a giver. He paid for suppers, bought his share of refreshments and cleaned the workshop like no else has ever.
Bruce you set a standard for me as workshop presenter and workshop host. Your friendship and show of class is top shelf in my books.


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