Dear Father

 I have sinned!!!!! I'm going to come out of the closet on this surface. I sprinkle wood ash on my shino fired in the gas kiln to give a wood fired look!  I sprinkle it on the wet glaze so it sinks right into the surface.

There I feel much better now.
I use a couple of slips that seem to respond to the ash pretty well. Funny thing is that the red colour surfaces where the slip isn't. That copper red migrates under the surface of the slip and shows up where I had a paper resist pattern.
The General Purpose Slip I use is:

General Purpose White Slip
400                 Ball
400                 EPK
500                 Nep Syn
600                 Silica
 for copper red I add 2% each of copper carb, cobalt carb, manganese and RIO.
for Mother in Law blue I add 1/2 % cobalt carb and 1% iron.


smartcat said…
As long as it's not illegal I don't think it matters how you get there. The pots and glazes are seductive!
Anonymous said…
Cambria Pottery said…
Exonerated since you shared!
June Perry said…
I once sprinkled a bit of lemon ash on the shoulder of a small vase that I fired my bourry box wood kiln and it came out an interesting greenish yellow. It was good cheating.

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