who cares?

What I have figured out over 35 years of making pots is that no one cares except you. They don't care whether it is fired in oxidation, salt fired, wood fired or fired in a microwave. If it matches the kitchen or the sofa you are in good hands.  You are the one that cares!
Every little mark you make in a pot takes time. Each little mark is lost money!. Straight forward cylinder mugs are easy to make and you can actually make a profit on them. Each time you add a whoopie in the bottom of the cup, a pinch of the rim or shoulder, a trimmed foot and a wedgie to let water drain from the foot ring you are loosing money. Add to that a pulled handle and then decide should I add that wedge in the crotch of the handle or not? Remember no one cares but you! I have the curse of great potters like Dan Finnegan looking at this blog and my pots. It's not a curse really it is an honesty check. Does he walk the walk or just talk the talk?
Here are some cups made today- you decide!


Dennis Allen said…
Good thoughts. I agree on DF love his work.Great potter nice guy.There is a real question of ART or Commerce, Is this the best mug I can make? or Is this the best mug I can sell for $25 US? Had you had the good sense to be born owning half of Ontario you wouldn't have to worry about these things and every mug could have 3 or 4 handles.
Taylor said…
Tony, I really need you to teach me how to trim that soft.

Was just gifted the book _The Mudpie Dilemma_ by someone who thought I needed to read it. Go back to your library and sit down with a bourbon.
Sandra said…
Hi Tony this is like the mug i broke.:0(
Do you have any of these for sale or know who has them.
Would love to replace it.


Sandra Upfield
Anonymous said…

It is the artist's dilemma. Who cares? Not everyone does, but if I wanted a cheap mug, I would go to Walmart. I've never been to Walmart. I guess you have to love them as much as you want the buyer to love them. So, tweak and twist and notch and crotch, and then go pour a stiff tequila (in a hand made jigger(no handle))and then come back and add an impossible lid and a few handles.

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