turn up the volume

  Yesterday I was making some teapots thinking about how I was going to tell you that I like my teapot forms to be full of volume. I like them to swell up at the shoulders and almost be on the verge of collapsing. Volume means increased capacity. In a teapot that means more tea. In a person that means capacity to give, to love etc, etc.   You my readers are to blame for the next 4 teapots collapsing.
I was thinking the teapots are like me- big shoulders and no neck. I've always loved the look of a hand tied bow tie but I can't wear one as I have a neck the size of many people's waste. You know what they say about a guy with a big neck???   He needs a big shirt collar! Mine is a stretched size 18.
Don't know if I can fill Santa's bag before Christmas so I'm going to make these teapots for me. That said I'm making them special. Trimming and handling are my favourite jobs in the pottery. Can't wait to get out there this morning.


Sheri Bare said…
Sorry to see the collapse of your hard work...but as a new potter it's refreshing to see that the experts can collapse a pot too. Enjoy reading your blogs.
jffollies said…
It was our Thanksgiving here yesterday and one of the things I was grateful for was the many pottery blogs I get to read each day. South Louisiana is not the mecca for pottery many other locales are so being able to travel through cyberspace and visit with truly gifted potters is a gift I am grateful for. You are one of those at the top of my list to visit.

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