Craft 2013 at Carnegie Gallery

I went to visit the Craft 2013 Show at the Carnegie Gallery in Dundas, Ontario today. What a beautiful display of fine craft. Best in show went to a textile artist that soaked the fabric in salt and celebrated the salt crystals- really beautiful and a great choice. My choice would have been a chair by Rob Deinart ( wood tech at Sheridan) man what beautiful craftsmanship and design. Ceramics was well represented by wood fire with some very strong pieces. I got 3 of 3 into the show which I'm pretty pleased with- a jug, a teapot and a piece called "Forbidden Fruit" that is an assemblage of my Uncle Jimmie's fruit nappies. From our wood fire group there was a first time juried acceptance of a nice bottle by Nurse Irons- (yeah Nurse Irons!!!) and a really killer vase by Louise McCann.  Also some not

able pieces by Duncan Aird and my student Emma Smith. I am very proud of the wood fire being done in the Hamilton Region. You would, you bet I wood!


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