Hey Mum

It's coming up to your birthday and I came across pics of these pots I made the day I was informed of your death. I was at USU and I had just driven up thru Utah, beautiful Idaho and Montana to see my mum in the hospital in Calgary, Alberta. She had rarely gone to a doctor in her life. At age 90 she had an aneurysm that went to her foot. Of course she waited too long and gangrene set in. The doctor told her she would have to have her leg removed, go on dialysis  and live in assisted living. She answered no, no and no with this brave smile I will never forget.

I drove 16 hours back to the University and received a call at 6 am that she was gone. What to do? I went to the studio and made these water buckets. I made 6 that day. I think they may well be the best pots I have ever made. One is decorated with an old piece of red licorice I found on the floor. The other was a roulette of a corn cob.  Have you had a day of making when you are completely in a zone, another world, a place of total la-la. I was there that day.


Anonymous said…
moving bro, i have been there to see patients bravely make these same decisions as a vascular surgeon. her story is so very familiar. i treated some of the bravest patients by holding their hands and keeping them comfortable, she was brave and it gives me chills and brings tears to my eyes.

live on spirit!

btw, these pots are best in show.

Dan Finnegan said…
I was supposed to start my first professional job as a potter the day week that my mom died...in a funny way that idea has kept her even closer in my mind. beautiful post, Tony, it had me puddling up a bit.
John Bauman said…
Must be in the air or something. I've been thinking about my mom so much these days. Beautiful sentiments and pots, Tony.

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