Hot Wheels

I just traded down to a 2001 Honda CRV with 227,000 clicks on it. My mechanic said it is hardly broken in for a Honda. This is the perfect car for me. Lots of room for pots and clay, good gas mileage, AWD for Canadian winters and it has just enough scratches and bumps that you stop worrying about them. Hey, it even has a fold out picnic table for when I really take up fly fishing, catch a fish and actually cook it.


Dennis Allen said…
Sorry, I have to convert that to about 140K miles. It should have a lot left in it.
gz said…
what is a click? Looks a good potters car!!

My estate car (Peugeot Diesel) has 325K miles on the clock and still going strong..carries half a ton of clay too!
Trish said…
Timely post! I just read it to my husband since he is an avid fly fisher AND we are looking for a 'new-ish' vehicle.. He said: Offer Tony our 1998 Ford Explorer with 290,000K on it!.(unfortunately it is far from just warming up!, it is on the downhill slide. :). Dave says he'll take you fly fishing if you come west.. Happy driving.

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