Juicey Brucey

Here are a few of the pots made by Bruce Dehnert during the workshop at Pincecroft. There is a trick to making small pots look large. At USU John Neely gave me that project and it was hard indeed especially for a guy that likes handles. Many times my handles gave the pots away. You could photograph these small bottles of Bruce's and they would look huge. He wedged wet silica sand into the clay to give this nasty surface that I love so much. The faceted cup started out as a three pound piece that he just kept faceting. The secret was to facet with a sharp knife and not a wire. The bowl he trimmed with a stick that was destined to be stoked.
Most of the work I have seen of Bruce's is beautifully thrown porcelain with almost engineered trimmed feet and machine like precision to assembling. The Doctor Jeckyl side of Bruce was a complete surprise. All of this and he does sculpture and plays a mean blues piano. Don't you just hate a guy like that?


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