Johnnie Appleseed

I'm not much of a Facebook fan. I get all confused and wonder if I am sending a message to the world or an individual. One of things I have enjoyed about FB is meeting some cyber buddies that I think are doing really great work. The one guy that comes to mind is Johnnie Bauman of Indiana. John was on line about a year ago looking for a job at Walmart. I thought WTF is an amazing potter like John doing looking for a job. He probably has the most well crafted saleable line of work I have ever seen.  Today I wanted to make some Christmas stuff that was marketable. John's work came to mind. His work though is more literal in it's representation. An acorn really looks like an acorn. I made some apple dishes influenced by Johnnie but in my broad stroke manner. John please don't ever consider the blue vest of Walmart. My friend Cyndi of Michigan

reads this blog and has a successful gallery called C2C. If you wholesale give Cyndi a call.


Dennis Allen said…
John makes stunning work. He is also a very nice guy. I join you in wishing him much success.
gz said…
He makes beautiful work and a blog that makes you think!
All that and a musician as well!!
DropStitchChris said…
I just checked out his website…WOW…it's criminal that this guy would need a job at walmart…such an amazing artist!!
And I love your apple dishes too, Tony!!
John Bauman said…
Aw, gee, Tony,

I have been a HUGE fan of your work and your words since the early days of Clay Times. You have more charisma in the littlest finger of your work than I have in my entire imagination.

What nice things of you to say. I can't tell you either how flattered I am, nor how much it means coming from you.

I hope we get the chance to meet in person some day.

Dan Finnegan said…
I'd like to be at that meeting, John. Well said, Tony...and well made!
Cyndi said…
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Cyndi said…
Hi Tony;

I am aware of John's work and it is great! I agree. We should talk. I do consignment not wholesale, though. :)

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