One of my most early pots just surfaced in a thrift shop in Grimsby and was picked up by a friend. I have offered him $1.60 hard cold cash for it. He took it and I think he made a profit.  It was made some 36 years ago in the basement of Gayle Fairchild's parents house. It is lead glazed earthware with yuck an extruded handle. It is living proof there is hope for everyone.
I maintain that anyone can learn to make pots. To learn how to make thoughtful pots is yet another thing.  "How to" is easy! "Why" is hard! This is the first time in over 25 years that I haven't made pots in over a month. Sure, I did some demos but I never give myself more than a Grade C for those pots. So I've been home for 3 days sleeping, gathering my nuts for winter and just catching up on life.
I got worried that I didn't have any thoughtful pots left in me. Thoughts of Bruce Dehnert and Harlan House making what pleases them is heavy on my mind. Today I wish I had my old Leach treadle wheel to help me ease back into the making.
As we educate  we find we have more eyes on us and therefore higher expectations of the work we make. Trying to live up to those expectations.
On a sad note I went into to Sheridan to throw bowls to raise money for the students to go to NCECA. There was a package addressed to me from Angela Fina. A package of slides of her time as a teacher at Sheridan. I was just about to write her to thank her and read on FB she passed away.  She had been so complimentary of my work. Guess more than ever I better go deep into my well and find a few pots of integrity for Angela and me. Rest in Peace! Hope they left your muddy jeans on.


Dan Finnegan said…
I would have disappointed if that early pot didn't have some kind of handle! A sign of (great) things to come!

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