Captured on the Amazon


I decided I needed to start buying CD’s again instead of downloading Itunes for my Ipod. I like getting the paper and reading the lyrics especially when it is sing songwriters that I love the most. Then the added bonus is I can play them in my 2001 Honda CRV. With all the travel I’ve been doing and are about to do the music is great company and passes the hours. I just recently bought Guy Clark’s “My Favourite Picture of You” and loved it so much that Amazon told me that people that bought Guy also bought Delbert McClinton and Glen Clark “Blind, Crippled and Crazy”. Well, I loved that CD so much I read what buyers of that one bought. I took a dice throw on Rodney Crowell “Tarpaper Sky”. I had never heard of him and I just love this CD.  I gotta have some musical mentor so Amazon is it. So far it has been 5 star. Here in Aylmer they think Tie a Ribbon Around the Old Oak Tree is a new hit and Bob Seeger is a new sensation.


Tracey Broome said…
Love my CDs but I love my vinyl even more. I have never bought anything on itunes, we have a great local record shop here in Chapel Hill and I get everything I need there. Even bought a Merle Haggard CD there the other day and a Mothers Finest album!
smartcat said…
Explore more of Rodney Crowell. You're in for a real treat! I always buy CDs; I like the notion of an album as a full statement, rather than a few favorite cuts.
Belated wishes for a Happy Canada Day.
Dennis Allen said…
I can do a lot of traveling on a Robert Earl Keene CD. Of course, I never get tired of Guy Clark.Been a fan over 40 years.

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