It ain't a lid slider offer stopper. I put that cap on the gallery of the teapot to be able to attach my generous handle. Needed some surface to use to spring the handle off. These two teapots just came out of the last gas firing. I'm back to using slip again as a under the glaze surface enhancer. I like these two teapots and they are in the easy shino I call Aussie shino. 70 nep sy, 30 ball clay and 3% table salt. It seems some of the simplest  glaze formula I use are the most beautiful.


Dennis Allen said…
Good looking glaze.
Deb said…
Gorgeous colours and very unique-looking. Deb
smartcat said…
Wow! Wow! and more WOW!
Just out of curiosity, is it possible to buy any of your stuff in the U.S.?
Anonymous said…
Love em!

- Michi

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