Level land

Well I'm back in Level land and I brought some treasures home with me. The weed patch out the back is full to over flowing with the most beautiful weeds, so I thought my new Mathew Scheiman jug deserved a nice welcoming on my kitchen table. When is a jug a vase? Usually when I own it. I am thrilled with the pot and the beauty it and Mother Nature have given the man cave. Some poor suckers without any imagination would go to their local florist and pay thru the nose for a bouquet of weeds like this.
Wait till I show ya all the pots I brought home from Amerika. Man,
I scored some beauties. I had purchased Matt's jug from the Tableware Show in Alexandria and had it shipped to Peter's Valley. Let that be the ultimate compliment when the Juror purchases your entry. What I love about the jug is that it is of a functional size to display flowers beautifully.


Deb said…
That is gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing what other treasures you brought home. Deb

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