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for those that know some potters in the UK that champion ash glazes these are the pots of "Da man". These pots are not signed and yet are as distinctive as any signature can be. These 3 pots used daily in my kitchen are the pots of Richard Batterham of England. I had a wonderful faceted bowl and a dinner plate that were sadly broken. It was a hurt I still feel to this day typing this post. The jars in the background are from Allison Coles Severance and Todd Piker. All in use in the kitchen not on pedestals or on mantels over the fireplace.
Where I live a man that collects pottery is a bit of an oddity. Here a collection consists of either a ball cap or beer can collection. Perhaps I am being unfair there is a guy down the road with a nice tractor collection.


Deb said…
Love these. I look for beautiful pottery containers with lids. So useful. Deb
Dennis Allen said…
Tractors? Now yer talkin' ! I don't like it when someone says they have one of my pots on the mantle and never use it. Somehow a connection is lost without the interaction of handling them.
Gillian said…
OK then. I'll make tea in my Batterham teapot this afternoon. I do tend to leave them safely in a glass cabinet.

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