cuff in the lug

Dan asked if they were handles on my cups. Well, Dan they aren't. They are lugs. Anyone one from the north of the UK has been threatened with a cuff in the lug.  A box in the ears so to speak. They are little ears.  I learned how to be this frugal from you my man. Because we are both handle men and I too hate to waste I use the trimmings from my pots to attach these little lugs. Because I trim at cheese hard (cheddar not brie) there all these wonderful little curls and adornments that I can't resist sticking on the sides of my bourbon and tea bowls. Some I like really sharp so they could poke an eye out. I'm that kind of guy. I do the damnest things to not be accepted into my guild sale. My audience boils down to 13 muchkins and a throll. It seems to keep me working.


Unknown said…
Brilliant! And makes for less reclaim to deal with :)

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