Things that work!

Well, I got a bunch of pinkies to decorate tomorrow so I'm taking my Troy Bungart brush to the workshop with me. I've had it in the living room of the man cave staring at it for about a month. I haven't wanted to get it dirty.  Now it is time to put it to the acid test. Gotta look good and work too. Hey this could be true of picking a partner. I got a Brandon Philips brush in the mail and just ordered a Ron Mello today so boyzzzzzzzzz the heat is on. Gotta give a big SHOUT OUT to my buddy Grass Hopper for encouraging me firstly to take up the brush and then to make art with art. It has been fun to see people making such beautiful objects to make art with. All three of the brush makers above can stand up and take a bow. Nicely done, boys!


smartcat said…
Brush Junkies! (That's what Linda Arbuckle says we are!)
I hope there will be photos of the results!
I buy brushes whenever I see one I might like, but rarely from catalogs because there is no knowing how it will feel in hand.
I have three of Keith Lebenzon's brushes which I treasure but do use. I purchased them many years ago in my more flush days. With proper care a good brush lasts forever!
Thanks for the order Tony. Hope you enjoy the brush..Wonderful ceramics by the way..

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