During a firing a workshop broke out!

At Peters Valley I was supposed to deliver a glazing shino workshop. We glazed like maniacs on Friday and while the kiln was firing on Saturday I figured we should make some pots. I did a monkey see, monkey do throwing demo of a three piece jug and a three piece bowl. There were some mighty fine jugs to critique on Sunday as well as a car kiln full of nice shino. Now for the long trip home to Level Land. Love the hills of NJ- saw deer a plenty and a couple of bears.


Annied01 said…
The best things in life are quite often spontaneous and unplanned :) Nice pots... Looks very lush in that area... Not too keen on being that close to bears though, did they spook easily? We only ever saw one here about 12 years ago one night it knocked over our barbq under our bedroom window at midnight... it hung around for a few weeks and demolished everyone's garbage boxes.. a keen redecorator!
smartcat said…
Now that is a workshop! You're so generous! The monkey see/ monkey do is a great exercise!

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