Visually interesting!

I have always lived in a visually interesting house. The house has always had something to keep your eyes interested. I like to make  the house

interesting and beautiful.  It costs nothing and very little time to bring Mother Nature into your home. The smell is nice and it makes you feel good about where you live. Some can live with bare walls, no art, no pots, no life. It says something about them. Hey phone the interior decorator, the florist and the painter to make my environment look like it's lived in.  Off tomorrow to take Andrew out for lunch and wish him the best at grad school. Then an evening with my daughter Robin at her pad that very much resembles her old man's. A place full of art, books, flowers and old furniture. Then on Saturday I am doing a workshop at my long time friend Frankie Tucker's warehouse. Come if ya can. It will be a blast!!!


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