Pot as a gateway drug

I have come to believe that once you have tried your first pot it is the gateway drug  to heavier addictions. Since I collected my first pot it has been a serious habit that I can’t seem to get enough of. I have stashes of pots everywhere. On my recent trip south of 49 I picked up some really killer pot. I stayed overnight in the Pokonos with my tireless editor Lois Wilkins where she gave me a nice little coil built bowl for my morning grog. Oh, have I told you that my book Stuck in the Mud is

still available and now into it’s second printing.
Then on my arrival at Peter’s Valley I was pleased to see my Matt Schiemann jug had arrived from the Tableware Show in Alexandria, Virginia. It looks amazing with weeds from my garden. I bought two of Bruce Dehnert’s pieces. I wish I could have bought them all! I am a serious addict for his work. Tomorrow I will show you all the details on that one killer sauce boat. I also landed a Chris Pickett bowl that I am thrilled with. I saw his hand built t-pot and jar and was absolutely blown away.  Just say no!


Annied01 said…
thank goodness for the addicts that need to feed their pottery addictions... I think they're the meat and potatoes difference in many cases for potters everywhere... when we travel if we happen to meet a potter and we like the contact we had, we buy something... we buy a memory of having met someone nice that we want to encourage... it feeds our addiction and it helps feed and clothe them I hope... I used to buy just about every pot I saw! now I limit myself to pieces from potters we meet and what fits in my carry-on...

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