What the hell?

I found that if I swear or make a comment that is unPC I get more likes. So after a really nice day at the Toronto Outdoor Exhibition visiting potter friends and students Cassara and I headed back to Emma and Jesse's place in Jerseyville for a great chicken dinner that Jesse had prepared while we were smoozing in Toronto. Emma and Jesse have a neat little general store/pottery with a cozy apt upstairs. There space is full of books, pots and vinyl music. Take my hat.Take my coat.It takes my breath away. Dinner on some Sean Connelly plates and yes that is a Ronnie the Rat. Hats off to a young couple that are living the dream. Kind of a similar dream that I have lived for the past 4 decades.
So Emma gave me one of her wood fired  bowls for my morning grog-Granola, cranberries, flax seeds, chia, bee pollen, walnuts, peaches, strawberries, blueberries and almond milk. I see on Face book if you like my post I have a chance to win another one of Emma's bowls with a clearer map on it. The map on my bowl is not really visible like the one that my life has followed. Many have a clear map of life- I don't! If I win that bowl with black top highway maybe I will and maybe it's the road to hell. I'll see most of my friends there,

so what the hell.


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