Here's to you, here's to life!

This is my daughter Robin toasting life. We had a belated Father's Day evening on the town in Toronto- lobster and then oysters and a drink. I'd like to toast my ole buddy Frankie Tucker for being such an awesome clay supplier and award winning employer. Frank attracts and hangs on to good people. He knows when he has gooduns and treats and rewards them well. He asked me what I'd like in my star trailer for the workshop and I said a good bottle of top shelf bourbon and the sexiest voice on his staff- Ronnie. I love her phone voice and an arm around her was a payment bonus. She has been his long time office manager and has been joined by Rose. Frank couldn't stand me making moves on his awesome women so he had to show his face. Jacob has been with Frank  for as long as I can remember and always is soooo

super helpful. There are others on staff Kimmie and Micheal that I didn't get pics with but they are super solid. So Frankie here's to you!  Here's to life! You should feel very proud of yourself for building such an awesome team! I always feel like I drop in on family when I come to Tucker's Pottery Supplies.


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