Bird brains

I love birds so much my two kids are named Jay and Robin. My daily routine is to have a  cup of high test at around 6:30 and go for a 4km walk/run. I pass by a creek which when I'm really lucky I can stand and watch a heron patiently waiting to spear a frog, snake, fish or anything edible really. This usually means I'm going to have a great day. Gee, I haven't seen him all week.
Up a few hundred yards there is usually a field of hundreds of Canada Geese. I've been wondering lately if I came back to earth as a bird which one of these two I would be?
The heron or crane symbolizes longevity and good fortune. It is fabled the crane has a life span of 1000 years. Stand still and be patient and you will be able to calmly and deliberately catch the opportunities that life presents to you. Move too fast and they are gone. Move to slow and you missed your chance.
The goose on the other hand symbolizes co-operation, communication, dedication and knowing when to follow and when to lead.
I guess as a potter I haven't followed too well and since a goose poops every three minutes that can't be me either since more than once I've been told I'm full of shit.
I also think I'm going to have a great day when I see a hawk. I love hawks! Maybe if I didn't need glasses I could be a hawk?
Gee, it's not looking good for me in the bird dept. How about an old crow?


Linda Starr said…
I too love birds, when we lived in California, we had lots of heron's on our property in winter and I wondered what they could be eating, then one day I saw a heron spear a gopher, and flick it up till he got it just right and swallowed it whole, they also nested in the same spot every year.

I've always thought the sighting of a white egret is good luck especially if they fly overhead as one is passing by.

Here's the link to the one that I photo'd eating the gopher
June Perry said…
I saw two herons on our fishing trip down the Rogue River a couple of days ago - so beautiful. They're the meditators of the bird world, I think. They have the fixity part down very well!

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