I'm in love- again!

In low periods of my almost 4 decade career as a potter when my hands are cold and my well seems empty I have sketched and dreamed pots with hakeme slip decoration. Now, after all this time I find that ones I really have lusted to make are the Korean Buncheong wares. Current reading about the Japanese invasion and occupation of Korea has helped me understand where the original reference of this work really belongs.  I'm putting down a black slip that fires to a mouse gray and applying a thick white slip over that. Using a white shino to top it all off. Gee, I can see the cash register just singing!  My long time buddy Frankie Tucker wants some dinner plates( without handles, damn him) so he's getting Buncheong Canuck style. I've tried to be market driven, honest I have!


Deb said…
Lucky Frankie. Those are gorgeous. Deb
Dennis Allen said…
Whatever market there is for these you've got it cornered.Brilliant

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