Prophets of Doom

This morning on my run no good luck heron and no co-operative geese but overhead floated a turkey vulture with a HUGE wingspan. I thought holy shit maybe I'll be a turkey vulture in my reincarnation! Then I thought oh no they belong to other professions.
 Dentists love decay as do turkey vultures. Treating cavities provides dentists with a steady income. Likewise, exterminators are dependent on termites, lawyers need crime,  priests crave sinners and undertakers hope you'll croak. I'm a teacher and tomorrow is my first day back at school. I hope that people love art and clay and provide me with what I love to do.  I make pots and spread the gospel according to Clennell. I have been awarded a Senior Faculty locker at Sheridan. Man, I have now officially been recognized as a senior.  Love the new locker to park my lid

but ain't too sure about the senior status.


Dennis Allen said…
Being a senior save me 10% when Blondie and I go for coffee in the morning.( At 12, She's a senior too) I'll take it. Sometimes, I even think it helps people believe that I might know what I'm talking about. Imagine that!
Barbara Rogers said…
Your "for the birds" theme is interesting...and hasn't yet become a turkey.
Linda Starr said…
I read turkey vultures can smell carrion from a mile away. They do a great service cleaning up all the dead animals. When we lived in florida a man down the street from us had a new roof put on in copper. everyone was wondering how much that roof must have cost him. next thing you know the turkey vultures decided his roof was the perfect spot to spread their wings in the morning to warm up, we all wondered what the man thought about all the bird shit the roof surely was collecting.

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