The name Bruce

must have some magic involved with the clay world. I was working today at Sheridan with Bruce Cochrane. Bruce is one of my favourite potters and has been since 1982. I have several of his pieces in my house. Bruce Dehnert of Peter's Valley is my new current favourite potter and I have several of his pieces at home. As coincidence would have it I am also a Bruce. Anthony Bruce Clennell. Today while Bruce C was making some 3 piece bowls I was altering the rim of a coupld of bowls and what else is new but putting handles on them. I should be able to show them tomorrow. It was one of those days when i felt like I was going full tilt boogie but didn't get much done.


Tracey Broome said…
Bruce Cochrane was also at the Utilitarian Clay Conference I mentioned in my previous comment. There were so many great presenters, but he was one of the rock stars there. I watched for awhile, but his skills and presentation were so far beyond where I was in clay, I moved on, probably too soon. Now I wish I had stayed in that room the whole time. His pottery skills are super human! And what a super nice guy too:-)

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