Falling arches

I put these handles on the big teapots and I thought of how you need to buttress an arch to prevent it from walking with expansion. I thought I had better buttress under these handles to stop them from walking away from the teapot. Actually looking at the pics for this post I like the additional support. I think it helps balance the back of the teapot with the spout. Sometimes we just fall into things. Actually that is the story of my life. Maybe that should be the title of my next book of short stories "Falling into things". I remember my dad telling the neighbour once "That son of mine could fall into a bucket of shit and come out wearing a pin striped suit". Hey Dad, still miss ya after all these years.


Colette said…
Oh sweet Jesus those are some orgasmic handles Mr. C.
Jacqui kruzewski said…
I love these. And that first pot.......to me it looks like a landscape, beatiful!

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