Rats in the studio

When my son was growing up he was a rink rat. He loved hockey and any moment he could spend at the rink was where you found him. Rink rats have a passion for the game. I'm staying over with a friend because I teach Monday and Wednesday and it is toooooo far to drive in an out to school. So Tuesday I go in a work in the Sheridan studio and stay later since I ain't got all my creature comforts of home around me. The advantage of coming in at night is that you see who has the passion. Here are a few of the studio rats. We almost expect the graduating students to spend 12-14 hours per day in the studio. The best ones do and really don't have a life outside the studio. I guess we build in an unbalanced life like mine into their schooling. You want to be good at something you got to put in the time. Lots of time! Here are three rats- Jordan London, Ont., Gracia- Mexico, Queenie- China. All 3 are putting in the time. If you're going to do the crime, you gotta do the time.


Dennis Allen said…
Well, we knew you were partial to rats anyway.

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