The Cuckoo

I had not wanted to finish the bird theme of the past few blogs as I hadn't seen my good luck heron for awhile and wondered if I was just plain outta luck. We had a big storm last night and the creek he usually stands in to fish was overflowing. I looked up and there he was slowly flying over
the cuckoo's nest of my mind so I figured a good day was head. I got back to making some pots outta my Helmer kaolin wood fire body. Making pots gives me the time to think about all kinds of crazy stuff so I've decided  the voice that has lead me thru the pathways of my life has had to have been the cuckoo. I've never seen or heard a cuckoo so I think he must have nested in between my ears. He sports a rather nifty lid and my being a hat man I like that in bird.


smartcat said…
The cuckoo, she's a pretty bird;
She sings as she flies.
She brings us glad tidings
And tells us no lies!
Linda Starr said…
some things drive me cuckoo but I've never seen a cuckoo

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