Buy your own sandwich!

I've always loved quaint little pots! At least this is what ya got to tell the first year bloody show women in the class. This is a mere bourbon cup compared to what us macho he men could make. Come on step it up! Go big or go home!
I have a small group of 7 throwers that are putting in the time. They ain't clock watchers and are putting in the hours required to make good pots. I think in just 4 weeks this may very well be the best pack of mudpushers I've had in a long time. Most in the class are buying their own sandwiches. That is my metaphor for paying their own way. If someone else buys your sandwich you may not eat it all. If you buy your own you eat every last crumb. As I sit here enjoying a cold beer most of them are still in the studio pushing clay. It's OK I have put in my time and paid my dues. I've been the first one there and the last to leave. Now,
I get to light a fire under them and then run home for cover.


Dennis Allen said…
Looks like the fire is well lit and blazing.
jenleis said…
Yeeeeeeeaaaaahhhh! Caterina!!

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