Steady the wheel

My former student and friend Andrew Kellner is in Jingdezhen, China with West Virginia U starting the first leg of his MFA. He will be studying at Jingdezhen Ceramics Institute for the next 4 months. He was there 2 days and has been to the USU favourite street food eatery which we called Mr. Noodles. A bowl of noodles and a beer for a couple of bucks- delish. The guy needed to level his wheel so what works better than a porcelain plate. They have more clay objects in JDZ than wood.
Keep the pics coming Mr. K. I'm with ya in my heart and soul. t


Dennis Allen said…
Hey another use for plates. This could be a whole new marketing angle.
Anonymous said…
Keep the pictures coming Andrew! We think of you often and would love to here more about your journey!xo Lisa and Matt... and the clan

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