Hell bent on a heartbreak!

I saw this sign painted on a store down in my daughter's hood when we were out cruising for a nice place to eat. I was a Mother's of Invention fan when I was a teen. While most were in libraries and sucking on sarsaparillas afterwards I was in my buddy Wayne's smoke filled rec room listening to Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention. Yes, this could very well be why I am a
The 5 bowls I made yesterday took me all day. I could have filled the room with bowls and plates- "so what" bowls that with a nice glaze and a bit of brushwork I could sell for good money. Nope, I chose to make these baskets that will be a hard sell indeed.
 A lot of things I used to do, I don't do no more.   As my daughter Robin said to me on our walk- Dad stay soft. Live your life with your heart. It is what I love about you!
Damn pots have always stole my heart. Hell bent on a heartbreak!


Debbie said…
Second time today I've heard a Frank Zappa reference. Glad other folks remember him!

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