2 + 2 = 5

I've been thinking about Carter's blog and something he wrote to me about how 2 + 2 can equal 5. Sometimes two people can get together and the sum total of what they can accomplish together is greater than what 2 people can do working individually. This can be a partnership or a relationship. Sometimes that person makes you a 3 and not a 2. They bring out in you something that you can't do without them.  It is also possible that a partnership can drain your energy and 2 + 2 =3. Some people give you energy and some suck it out of you.
Andrew arrived here 4 days ago and the energy he has brought to my workshop and life is amazing. This is a snapshot of what he did in 4 days- he built a set of shelve and cut ware boards for handling the slab ware we are making. He has reclaimed 5 batches of clay, made over 40 slab plates for me, made another 24 clay hump molds for future slab work, he waxed and glazed my casseroles, cups and slab ware so that I could decorate it, and oh yeah he cleaned up the joint. Initiative is the one quality that if I were looking for a partner I'd be interested in. We were having a skid of clay delivered and as I went out for my morning run while he was working I thought I had better ask Andrew to move the cars out of the driveway for the truck delivery. I came up over the rise on my way home and there were the cars out on the road. Job
done no need to ask. I'd make a piss poor boss but I'm a hellava good guy to work with. We're going to have a good productive summer together.


Dennis Allen said…
Energy from Synergy. I know you were looking forward to Andrew coming. Sounds even better than you expected.
smartcat said…
Good energy breeds energy!

I see the same thing in your work. All those parts, bowls, handles, feet, glaze etc. add up to something much greater than the sum of the parts!

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