I put on 8 lbs.

I made 3 -18 lb moon jars. My last attempts were 10 lbs.  I then added about 3 lbs of slip to each one. It was too much for the one and it collapsed. Too bad, so sad just get over it and start all over.
I'm starting to get the shape OK and I figure another 500 of them and I'll make a decent one. Stayed tuned because I don't give up easily.
I am having a problem with my blog. I used to write it and then go to Facebook to post it and voila it appeared. Now I get a picture of Adam Field doing a demo. I think he must want to move to Canada or he has hired a hacker from Pakistan to invade my blog. I hope my IT expert Emma can save this dinosaur from extinction. I am hopeless when it comes to the computer. I just love to write and hope all goes well after I put fingers to keyboard. Perhaps I am being told to know when to hold them, know when to fold em, know when to walk away and know when to run. Everything has it's time and place. Perhaps I need to move on to lawn bowling, chess or tiddley winks.


Dennis Allen said…
When I post my blog to a FB group, It automatically shows a photo from an old post but there is an X in the upper rt corner of the picture that I can click to delete it. Then I can add whatever photo I want to the post.
Unknown said…
These jars look amazing...I love everything about them! That texture! Those handles! The shape! Can't wait to see them fired.

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