While you were sleeping

I had a great night last night. We drove into Hamilton for the opening of "Stoke" our first showing of the wood fire mentorship group at The Store on James Street in Hamilton. The Fusion Conference was on with my fellow Utah State MFA classmates Sunshine Cobb and Robin Dupont as presenters. A bus load of people came to the gallery and I was able to catch up with my friends. After Stoke we headed for The Carnegie Gallery for The Fusion Fireworks Show. Teresa Dunlop won BEST IN SHOW. She is my former student and one of the mentors. She was as always humble and graceful in her acceptance of the honour- YEEEEEEEEEEEEAH Teresa!!!!!
A great gang of us headed to The Colin's pub for something to drink and to shoot the breeze.
Andrew was my designated driver and got us home in time to work in the studio just before the clock struck midnight. There was a day when I would have stayed up all night yacking and laughing.  I couldn't sleep all that well so I got up at 5 and put these boats together, trimmed my mini moon jars and got the gas kiln rolling at 5:30 am. The boats are all stamped with excess and it kinda fits how I feel right now. I want to do something mindless and slow. Having Andrew here allows me the luxury of time.
Huang Gu's mini moon jar was my reference. I don't think I can leave them alone though and am going to apply some thick slip tonight. Remember its Saturday night and my favourite night to work in the studio and listen to the radio. I do love the form of the mini moons

but they ain't me just quite yet.


Dennis Allen said…
Nice details on the handles. Not that you would do anything less.
Anonymous said…
Bravo ! your moon jar is very close to Hyang ku Jar..
Wonderful !
By the way,
slow down and very creative work will be the one of kind work and leave the legacy behind for the next generations,.

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