Phamtom Ghosts

Y'all know I luv da blues! Last night I bought " I wish I were in heaven sitting down" by RL Burnside. I thought hot damn he wrote that song for me. Except I don't wish to be in heaven. They say you go to heaven for the view and to hell for the good company. I'm afraid of heights and I have made a life tending to fires with some dang fine company so I guess I know my final destination.
I'm glazing today for a wood firing load next Monday with my wood firing mentor ship group. I'm off Tuesday to set up my show at the Dust Evans Gallery and then do a two day workshop in Ottawa. going to spend some good times with my friends Jen Drysdale and Chandler Swain. We'll be sitting by the Mississippi River (the other one in Ontario) shooting the breeze and partaking in a cocktail or maybe two. Then I'm off to visit my son Jay and my two grand daughters Olivia and Abby.  Haven't seen them for awhile so I'm excited. That's what I mean about sitting down. Life was supposed to slow down and get easier. Mine has sped up!  It just seems there is more to do with less time to do it.
I haven't given up on the digital imagery so I am putting wee ghost cranes on my pots. I like to think of them fishing amongst the rocks. Besides cranes are my good luck charm.


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