An arm and a leg!

Here is a morning's production from Andrew. While he is slacking off I went bowling. I made some big bowls and three 12 lb moon jars. I kept hearing a voice in my head and then from the other side of the workshop came this voice "More volume". It was exactly what I was thinking. I needed to put more volume in the moon. I had thinned out the top too much and when I went to swell the belly the top started to dance the twist. Just when I was getting on them I got a call that the Iron Lady of Pinecroft had passed on after 100 remarkable years. Sweet sailing Auntie Tress.
I have written about "some and some" before so here it is again. Make some for the market place and some for yourself. The bowls are for the market place and the moon jars are my reward at the end of the day. If they are great they too will sell but not as easily as the bowls. The trick is to always be sure to make something for yourself. Even the Korean masters who are rock stars in Ceramics and capable of making pots in the 5 figure range had a line of jiggered and slip cast work that was made specifically for the broader market. People are buying a piece of you and maybe they can only afford a finger and not an arm and a leg.


Linda Starr said…
thanks for your words of wisdom, make something for yourself; my word that's a stacked kiln

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