Time Warp!

Where has the time gone??? Congrats to my buddy Frankie Tucker on the 40th Anniversary of Tucker's Pottery Supplies Inc. God, Frankie must be old to have ran the company for that long. The thing about Frank is that he has kept many of the same people happily employed. Frank cares about people and potters. He has helped more of us out than you will ever know. I have been one of them that when I  didn't think I could hang on for another winter he has thrown a life line. When I go to the warehouse it is like meeting up with family. They are all great people and you can tell they would go to the wall for Frank. Guess why? He'd be there for them.
I remember when Frankie did it all. I would go to visit and sit in the warehouse and we'd talk for hours. He hung in there, built the better mousetrap and the world beat a path to his door. Nicely done, Bro!
So here is a toast to the gang that have been so great to deal with over the years- Frankie, Micheal, Ronnie (the love of my life), Rose, Jacob and Shabbir. Here's to another 40 years!!


Unknown said…
I'll second that! Frank has been a pillar of the clay community around here and across Canada. I worked for him for a brief period and will never forget his kindness to me. Cheers!

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